Routine inspections are key to the care and maintenance of any submerged infrastructure. The importance of this type of inspections is greater every day, but also divers are placed in increasingly dangerous situations to perform this type of work.

Inspections of dams, bridges, and reservoirs have always been arduous and difficult, and often dangerous, but today Nido Robotics submarine drones offer solutions that eliminate the risk to divers, and also greatly reduce the high costs associated with the inspections.


Our solutions

Nido Robotics robots are equipped with a powerful internal battery specifically designed to provide the necessary hours of autonomy that this type of work requires.

The portable controller allows the operator to maneuver the inspection vehicle without having to enter the water, while being easy to use and not taking a long time to learn.

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Nano is appropriate for working in calm waters, making it an ideal element for inspection within port facilities due to its small size.

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Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro

Sibiu Pro will allow you to find out the status of any port infrastructure and also, if you add the EnviroSense system, you can take the required measurements to see the status of the waters within the facilities.

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Sibiu Nano



Technical Specifications

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu nano

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro


  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Weight without ballast
  • Weight with ballast
  • Buoyancy foam
  • Battery connector
  • Battery
  • 23,7 cm
  • 25,8 cm
  • 35 cm
  • 5,15 kg
  • 5,95 kg
  • R-3312
  • XT90
  • 4S 6750 mAh
  • 28,8 cm
  • 34,3 cm
  • 52,4 cm
  • 15,65 kg
  • 16,70 kg
  • R-3318
  • XT90
  • 4S, 18Ah


  • Maximum depth
  • Propellers
  • Configuration of propellers
  • ESC
  • Maximum work current
  • 100 m
  • NM-150
  • 2 Vertical / 4 Horizontal
  • 20 A
  • 2 Nudos
  • 300 m
  • T-200
  • 4 Verticales / 4 Horizontales
  • 30 A
  • 3 Nudos


  • Low-Light HD USB 1080p
  • Low-Light HD USB 1080p


  • Compatibility with positioning system
  • Compatibility with sensor system
  • Extension of autonomy
  • Compatibility with robotic gripper

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