Few tasks are as difficult for rescue units as deciding when to risk a diver's life to find a victim who may or may not be in a certain location.
Divers often risk their lives in these types of operations, therefore, as they have more knowledge about the situation they face underwater, the percentage of accidents will decrease.

The greater the knowledge they have of the underwater environment they face, the easier it will be to prepare themselves and reduce the risk.

Our solutions

The submarine drones of Nido Robotics are an essential tool to guarantee a higher level of safety for divers. Once the victim is located with our drone, divers can be requested to recover quickly and safely by following the umbilical cord towards the victim and using the lights as a guide. Our drones are a reliable partner for divers.

Sibiu Nano

Thanks to Sibiu Nano’s 6 engines, you will be able to drive in all movement directions, as well as access hard-to-reach places.

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Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro

Sibiu Pro offers you the possibility to attach a robotic clamp to help you recover objects or transport first aid instruments to remote places, such as a flooded cave.

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Sibiu Nano



Technical Specifications

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu nano

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro


  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Weight without ballast
  • Weight with ballast
  • Buoyancy foam
  • Battery connector
  • Battery
  • 23,7 cm
  • 25,8 cm
  • 35 cm
  • 5,15 kg
  • 5,95 kg
  • R-3312
  • XT90
  • 4S 6750 mAh
  • 28,8 cm
  • 34,3 cm
  • 52,4 cm
  • 15,65 kg
  • 16,70 kg
  • R-3318
  • XT90
  • 4S, 18Ah


  • Maximum depth
  • Propellers
  • Configuration of propellers
  • ESC
  • Maximum work current
  • 100 m
  • NM-150
  • 2 Vertical / 4 Horizontal
  • 20 A
  • 2 Nudos
  • 300 m
  • T-200
  • 4 Verticales / 4 Horizontales
  • 30 A
  • 3 Nudos


  • Low-Light HD USB 1080p
  • Low-Light HD USB 1080p


  • Compatibility with positioning system
  • Compatibility with sensor system
  • Extension of autonomy
  • Compatibility with robotic gripper

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