At Nido Robotics, we design, engineer and build bespoke underwater robots (ROVs) for inspection, maintenance and research, adapted to your specific requirements and budget.

Underwater robots as a Service

UraaS is a subscription-based model that has many benefits over traditional ownership. It's about creating long-lasting business relationships that are fully aligned with your goals. We don't sell you a product and leave; we become your technology partner and ensure that you always have the best tools for the job, evolving with your needs. UraaS is about US.

How does the subscription model work?

You remove the pains of ownership while getting all the benefits of usership. Getting onboard is as easy as following 5 steps.


Choose your tools

We offer access to two robots with different capabilities and a continuously growing range of payloads.


Sign up

Fill in a few details, make a few clicks, and your subscription is registered. Someone from our team will reach out to confirm the details and agree on the delivery date.



We will ship the tools to you, and our Customer Success team will arrange a conference call to go through the initial setup and onboarding, to ensure you get up running ASAP. Our robots are super easy to use, and we also have a lot of online resources to make you successful.


Get the job done

Day after day, use the tools to get your underwater inspection and maintenance tasks done, whenever you need to, without having to depend on external resources.


Maintenance & Evolution

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Your tools should evolve with you. On a regular basis, we will swap your robot out with a "new" robot that is fully updated and in perfect mint conditions, so you can carry on focusing on your most important tasks.

sibiu nano

The underwater inspection drone

The Sibiu Nano is a small, lightweight remotely controlled "Underwater Drone" primarily intended for inspection tasks in shallow waters down to -100m. It can perform general visual inspections and has 2 payload ports permitting the installation of basic intervention tools like a gripper or rope cutter, and smaller sensors or cameras.

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-starting at €1000/month
sibiu pro

The light intervention ROV

The Sibiu Pro can conduct underwater inspection tasks as deep as -300m, and through additional payloads, more significant survey and intervention jobs like:

Visual and acoustic surveys
Surface power supply
Metal thickness, cathodic protection, oxygen, and many other sensor-based measurements
Additional cameras
Grippers and cutters
Advanced navigation system permitting position hold and eventually fully autonomous underwater operations.
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-starting at €1600/month

Making it easy

A monthly subscription at a fraction of what it costs to hire in an external company to do the job, with the benefit of always having the tools that you need, when you need them (especially when the unexpected happens).

Each underwater robot includes:

2 batteries with approx 2 hours capacity each (additional batteries can be purchased)

State of the art browser-based command and control software

On-the-fly annotations or tagging of "Points of Interest", which are saved to an onboard database (currently in beta)

Cloud-based report generation tool (currently in beta)

All prices incur a 30% discount when signing a 12 months contract.

Sibiu Nano +

The Underwater Inspection Drone

Sibiu Pro

The Light Intervention ROV

Payload capacity

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro


Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro

Navigation system

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro

Cloud-based report generation (BETA)

Sibiu Nano

Sibiu Pro

An always evolving robot

Our aspiration is for our robots to become fully autonomous, permanently installed.

Control over internet

The Third-party-in-the-loop  feature streams the video feed from the ROV live to the internet, allowing for example someone in Greece to participate in an underwater job being conducted i.e. in Spain, in real time. This system requires a good 4G or WiFi signal at the location of the control station to work.

With a fast enough connection (ethernet or 5G), the robot can even be controlled real time through the internet.

Automatic annotations

Right now, you have to do the annotation of any point of interest, but as you tag items, you will be learning the system to identify these POIs by itself, eventually automating this whole process completely.

Automatic annotations

The last 12 months we have made some really interesting advances in making the robots fully capable of autonomous navigation. Although there is still a long way to reach that point, we hope to be able to reach "Level 3" by the end of 2020, meaning the robots will be capable of maintaining a pre-specified position, maintain a distance to an object, and to move from A to B by itself.

Our clients

Our robots are already used on a daily basis by over 200 companies worldwide, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How is "Underwater robots as a Service" different from renting or leasing equipment?

When you enter a long term rental or leasing agreement, you normally sign up for a few years in one go, and although maintenance and insurance may be included with your renting contract, after 3 years you normally have a 3-year-old asset.  With UraaS you get a tool that is always evolving with the best technology available on the market so that you can keep competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

Can I really cancel at any time?

Yes. Our minimum agreement is one month, and the agreement renews until you ship the robot back. You can also swap between models or add and remove payloads as you need, giving you unparalleled flexibility. If you sign an annual contract (paid monthly) you do get a 30% discount.

How do you handle batteries?

We do charge a one-time registration fee that includes 2 x batteries. Shipping Li-Ion batteries is a complex process that requires the shipper to have special permits, making it practically impossible to return them. They are yours to keep, even when you return the robot. If you decide to hire an UraaS another time, you can still use your first batteries.

Batteries are a consumable that will eventually be drained for capacity. When you note that the duration of the battery is becoming shorter, you can purchase additional batteries from our webstore.

How do I know it's for me?

We have customers from many sectors, but we think that UraaS is especially attractive where the robots are being heavily used, like in aquaculture and by diving contractors. We have also received feedback about huge benefits for companies in sectors like desalination, utilities, and shipping to mention a few. We should also mention that we have a long tradition of working with researchers and public servants.

Does my location matter?

Due to logistics, we have decided to only roll this offering out in the countries where we can provide sufficient support. Right now that means Spain, Norway, and Chile. If you are based outside these countries but still interested please let us know, we will open new countries as we reach certain demand thresholds in those markets. Also, if you are interested in a business partnership in your country, be sure to let us know too.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the jobs to need to get done. We have listed the pricing for the basic configurations for your reference, but please contact us for specific details.

Can I still buy your products?

Off course. Reach out to our sales department to discuss your needs.

"I've done over 600 dives in 4 months. We have identified several potentially critical problems that were quickly dealt with. The savings in man-hours from doing these jobs alone is significant, and the savings from early detection of problems is incalculable"

-Oscar (Aquaculture, Spain)

"By having the ROVs always available, we were able to increase the cadence of inspections of our underwater assets. By doing that, we managed to reduce the chemicals used in maintenance, generating annual savings of around $250.000 per plant."

-Felipe (Utility, Chile)

Let’s get moving.

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